Listen up Dad…

To all the dads who juggle kids and work and money and having all the answers…


To all the dads with the Neil Diamond hair cut or no hair at all…


To all the dads who weathered the storms and sent their babies out into the world…


To all the dads who are present or not, who give up or stick it out, who are living or passed on…

Know this…You really don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t have to be the perfect example, you are allowed to make mistakes and you are enough.

And no matter how far away it may seem or how close you may be…the same moon is shining on all of us.

Happy Father’s Day!



Photo credit: Ramona of MemoryClips



Cropping Photos

This seems like such an easy thing and something we do all the time with scrapping our photos! I can’t help but think of the “old days” as I type of this tutorial! My version of cropping photos then included fancy edged scissors and my printed photos. Oh, I cringe at how I massacred those… 

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5 Ways to Simplify your Scrapping

Preserving our memories and the memories of our family is no easy task! I often get overwhelmed by just the thought of all I want to accomplish. And if I do get started, I lose myself within the first 20 minutes of looking for the pictures to scrap and I never really get to that… 

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7 Simple Fonts

I LOVE fonts! That is no understatement! Fonts do so much to convey a message or emotion. Whether it is on a blog post or on a layout or even what you are writing by hand, the style of how the letters are formed say so much about mood, message, etc. I am a really… 

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Why Less is the NEW More!

8th grade Home Economics. We had the assignment to use graph paper and draw up our future home. I went crazy! It was so fun and I ended up with a 5,000 square foot single story home plan, complete with music room and huge kitchen. My teacher told me it wasn’t realistic. Most people don’t… 

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Step 1

Kicking it up a notch

Hi there, Stefanie here with a layout that I created using It’s all Relative by Memory Clips by Ramona. I started with a template called Center of Attention by Little Bit Shoppe Designs. I added my photos (taken on Mother’s Day 2014) and papers and a little white matting around the photos. I tend to… 

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White and silver

White and Silver for the home

Hi there, Stefanie here, with some pinterest trend spotting. As we head into Autumn here, most folk are hibernating and loving the traditional Fall colours. Me not so much. I am loving the freshness and enlivening feelings of mixing white and silver. Inspiration lane Centsational Girl White and Amazing home design images I am… 

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My New Love

Stacy here with a little recipe with my new love…alfredo sauce. I haven’t always loved it, but recently we’ve tried a few new combos and I have to say I’m in love. Today’s recipe is something I made up after staring into my pantry for many minutes hoping some new would magically appear that would… 

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Fourth with me 600

Slice of life – capture one tiny part of your day

Hi there, Stefanie here sharing layouts I created for challenges. Challenges can be so good if you’re feeling a little mojo-less and taking photos with my phone is so quick and pain free and everything is seamlessly uploaded to dropbox so when I want to scrap I have everything at my fingertips. All of these… 

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Organizing Closets and Cupboards

I hate cleaning, but I love to organize. Maybe it’s my control freak side coming out. That’s right. Hi, I’m Melanie, and I’m control freak. I just love it when there’s a place for everything. The key to organizing is making it easy to use and maintain. It can be easy to put a room… 

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Mother’s Day Breakfast

In less than a week, and Mother’s Day will be upon us. One thing my sweet husband has always done for me is make sure we have an great breakfast and an amazing dinner. And he cooks it all!! I love having breakfast made and think it is a great thing to do for your… 

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