3 Uses for WordArt

I love word art! I love making it and I love using it on my pages! I thought I would share some ideas of how to use them and help you stretch your scrapping stash a bit!

1. Use Word Art as a Title

This is my favorite way! By the time I get done with scrapping my layout, I’m often too tired to think up a creative title and make it! So, word arts can be a great life saver! Sometimes they might be already made with little clusters and all I have to do is add it and do my shadowing. Sometimes it might be a png that is all in black and I can dress it up to match my page! Either way, they are a great source for titles!

This layout is using my new collection (coming out tomorrow) using one of the word arts being released! See what a cute and easy title it makes for the page?


2. Use Word Art on a photo

This is a great way to use word art. Just open your photo and find a spot of “white space” on the photo and place your word art. Recolor to make it pop and add it to your layout!


3.  Use word art for journaling

Sometimes you just want a simple message to accentuate your photo/layout. Keep things simple by using a poem or lyrics or quote as a word art for your journaling. You can put it directly on your layout or clip it to a paper, cut the paper out and add it to your page:

walayout3photo credit:  Ride in the Sand by Dino De Luca

And to give you the chance to practice, I have a FREE  Word Art for you today! It kind of goes with our theme about Life!



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