How to use Complement Colors on a layout

Today I want to talk about color! I love color! How many of you have seen the recently released movie, The Giver? I don’t want to give anything away (fabulous movie by the way!) but it gives a small glimpse into living in a world without color. One way that we can really make our layouts POP is to use Complementary colors to scrap with! How do you do this? How do you pick colors that complement each other? So simple!

Complementary Colors are colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel!

Traditionally, red and green are considered colors that complement each other, but we don’t really want to do a Christmas layout all year long! But there are so many ways to use red and green! As well as many other colors and their opposites!


Using the colors that I pointed to above, I created this fun little palette of color:


Aren’t these colors so bright and vibrant? I thought they were perfect for summer! It made me think of eating sorbet! I thought I would even take things a little bit farther and make you a fun mini kit with these colors! Download and scrap your favorite summer photo!


And here is a layout I made using the mini!


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